• lectures
  • exercises
  • laboratories
  • courses
  • trainings
  • internships
  • special applications (military, police, customs)
  • civil applications (environmental protection, industry, medicine)
  • free space optical communication systems (FSO)
  • detection of hazardous gases, explosives vapors and gaseous biomarkers
  • low-noise and high-sensitive photoreceivers for EUV, VIS and IR;
  • SNR optimization and optoelectronic metrology (energy, power, wavelength, noise density, current/voltage characteristics)
  • power supply systems and controllers for lasers (1mK temperature and 1pA current stabilization, cw or sub-ns pulses generations)
  • UV-FIR spectra measurements with 0.0015cm -1 resolution
  • laser-matter interaction tests with use of OPO laser system (resolution: 0.01nm – 1nm; wavelength ranges: 725nm – 16000 nm, energy: 189mJ – 1 mJ @ 70ps/1kHz)
  • gas sensors testing at sub-ppb to ppm concentrations of over 500 compounds as well as their mixing and humidification;
  • BER and range of FSO systems testing and measurements (sub-Gbps transmission)
About us

11 persons of research staff (2 Prof., 4 Asst. Prof., 3 PhD & 1MSc Students) and 1 admin. spec.

Scientific and students laboratories covering 290 m2 and 154 m2 of space, respectively