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Head of the Group of Optical Signal Detection

Col. Jacek Wojtas, Prof. of MUT - member of the Committee of Metrology and Scientific Equipment of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of the Metrology Council appointed by the Polish Minister of Development in 2017. Academic teacher and expert in optical signal detection, optoelectronic metrology and optoelectronic sensors for detecting traces of various volatile compounds. His research are focused on the use of state-of-the-art laser technology in optoelectronic gas sensors for environmental applications (gaseous pollution monitoring), medical diagnostics (detecting diseases biomarkers in human breath) and for safety systems (explosives detection). More than 230 publications in the field of optoelectronics and metrology, 3 patent applications, 30 papers and lectures at conferences, member of scientific committee different conferences. Director of eigth R&D national projects and co-director of the NATO project, main investigator in eighteen R&D national projects. For scientific and educational achievements J. Wojtas was repeatedly awarded. Among others he received the Minister of National Defense Award: 2nd degree (2008) and 1st degree (2016), Rector's Awards (2011, 2012r., 2014r.), Director's Award (2012r., 2013), 1st place in the competition "Product OPTON 2012", gold medal “For contributions to the defense of the country" (2015), silver medal "Armed forces in the service of the homeland" (2018), medal of the National Education Commission (2018), title of "Distinguished MUT teacher" (2016) and "Distinguished Polish soldier of the 3rd degree" (2018).

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Address: Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, Gen. Witolda Urbanowicza 2 St., 00-908 Warsaw, POLAND
tel. +48 261 837943